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365 Grateful: Day 70

Man… today was eventful. I’m grateful that I got to do some things for myself.


A little shopping…


Some yoga…


And this henna tattoo… even though I think it looks like a penis. Hey, I’m just saying.

I’m also grateful for life because right before my yoga class, there was a terrible accident that came a couple feet from my car.


I’m standing right by my car here.

The car pictured flipped in the air and came down on the driver’s side. The other car involved did a 180 and hit a tree. Two people were involved. One is okay the other I assumed went to the hospital. Please pray for him.

Almost two hours later, they are still trying to get this car out of the ditch.


I just pray the other guy is ok.


365 Grateful: Day 69

I’m not sure what to photograph today because of the following:

1. I’m grateful that I pretty much stuck to my schedule but, I can’t screenshot it because it’s personal.

2. I’m grateful that I was able to be there for my friend today but, I did it over the phone so, no pic there.

3. I’m grateful that I got this AWESOME idea today but, it’s in my head. Yeah, hard to photograph that. Just imagine greatness. Yes, that’s it!

4. I’m grateful that I found this app that is essentially a digital project board. Let me know if you guys want more info on that.

5. I’m just grateful, man. Just grateful.

What are y’all grateful for today? Huh? Huh? Huh?

365 Grateful: Day 68

Whew! Today, I was determined to be grateful. I had a few bumps but, that is to be expected.

Today, I am grateful because:
1. This turtle allowed me to save it’s life (kinda). Well, I saved it’s life and it kinda let me.


2. I worked on some earrings for a show this weekend.


3. I saw a rainbow.


Yup…a three-fer. You’re welcome!

The silver lining…

  Today is day 68 of my “365 Grateful” challenge and although I will probably post later on what I’m grateful for today, I felt a need to explain why I decided to participate. 

I tried this challenge before, you know. I tried to “be” grateful even though my world, as I knew it, began to fall apart. I could blame it on the fact that I picked the word “fearless” for the year or the fact that I needed healing (who doesn’t?). Instead of placing blame, I decided to take ownership. 

Do you know how empowering it is to actually take ownership? There’s power in focusing on what you CAN do and not what you can’t. So, in the midst of the fall out, I made a decision. I was never going to be this unhealthy again.

Usually when we think of unhealthiness, we think of junk food, a lack of exercise, and maybe a lot of television. But, I’m not speaking of unhealthy in the physical sense. Recognizing that you are physically unhealthy is a lot easier that recognizing if you are unhealthy emotionally.

Not dealing with issues, acting like everything is okay, and reasoning that always makes it someone else’s fault, will lead you to being emotionally unhealthy. It’s a sneaky culprit because we are taught by our environment that confrontations have to be avoided and crying is weak. Even small children learn to place blame of someone else to avoid getting into trouble. 

So how do we become healthy? Make a decision. Make a decision to do the work. Make a decision to work on yourself. For me, it’s a lot of prayer, reading, self talk, counseling…and taking ownership. For you, it may be something completely different. 

What does this have to do with being grateful? Well, part of my self care is to focus on what was good In my day, even if I have a hard time finding it. I don’t always hit the mark but, I always try. So, if you see me say, “Today wasn’t such a good day…” or “Yeah, today kinda sucked…” know that I’m being honest but, the fact that I posted means that I am trying. I’m in the process of grieving and it can be a lot sometimes. 

I wrote this post to encourage you. Work at seeing the silver lining. Work at being grateful for everything. Even the bad that occurs in your life is there to serve you. What is it that you can learn from it? 

Keep your chins up, your chests out, and conquer the friggin day!

Until next time…


365 Grateful: Days 61, 62 & 63

So… Monday, I was grateful for food….a bunch of food. And this banana pudding…


… which gave me my entire life! (Picture taken from my friend, Natasha’s Facebook page.)

Yesterday, I was grateful for routine. Sometimes, we take that for granted. No picture needed here.

Today, I’m grateful that I don’t let problems defeat me. My son broke the lawn mower a week ago and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. This afternoon, I went into the garage determined to figure it out. Needless to say, the lawn mower is fixed. Now, if only this rain would stop so we can cut the grass.


365 Grateful: Day 59 & 60

Yesterday, I danced for the first time in over a year. Going forth had become to painful to me but, I was intentional about dancing in spite of. I’m glad I did. I feel better because of it.


(I stole this pic from my friend Michael Green’s Facebook page. I’m on the left.)

Today, I again went outside my comfort zone and went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival here. Although we didn’t see or ride in the balloons as we’d hoped, we enjoyed festival food, spoke to some amazing local artists and enjoyed being hippies for the day. Meet my friend, Britney.