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365 Grateful: Day 6

Today, I’m grateful for beginnings and endings. I woke up well before sunrise so, I got to see this:


Then, just as I was writing this, one of my church members brings me this:


Thank you, Lord!


365 Grateful: Day 2

Today, I’m so grateful for our new little trees. When we first moved into our home, our backyard was surrounded by a huge hedge of spruce trees. I called it my “hedge of protection” and I loved the fact that I could enjoy my backyard in privacy. Not too long ago, they were cut down, completely. I cried. Real tears. I felt exposed and disappointed. The trees that covered me for years were gone and all I had left were stumps in the ground.


Yesterday, I looked out of my back windows and saw the little trees laying on the ground with their roots wrapped up. Today, they are in the ground, ready to take root and begin again. There’s nothing like a “do-over”!