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Day 12…

I drove a tractor today! I was so excited. Between that and being able to make a gift for a baby shower, today was a good day. I’m thankful that I was able to do quite a few things that I’ve never done before.

Until tomorrow…


Day 10…

So, I had to work today, which was cool. My students loved the games that we played in class. Hopefully, they will be inspired tonight to study for their test tomorrow. I think this message that I’m about to send them in our GroupMe will help with that. 
Tonight, my husband and I made chili. Well, I stirred it so, that means I made it too, right? I’m going to help eat it just the same.

Until tomorrow…

I’m not your Superwoman.

I’m so inspired.

Last night, I attended a vision board party called Position to Win. (To get more information on this, email my friend here.) We, as women, got together, shared our struggles, our goals, and parts of our lives with each other.

One of the things mentioned was the idea of trying to do everything all by ourselves. A mindset that I’ve struggled with in the past but, to which I BOLDLY testified I no longer did. No longer do I don my Superwoman cape and bear all of the burdens that enter my space every day. No longer do I obligate myself when I’d rather go home, have a seat, and catch up on my T.V. shows. No longer do I feel guilty when I make myself a priority. But wait…

This morning, I woke up to a twinge of conviction. This feeling was all too familiar and I know now that my statement about not being Superwoman, was not COMPLETELY true.

Of course I don’t have a cool, sexy suit to put on when I’m saving the day. Nor can I just fly up into the outer edges of the atmosphere to conquer the day. (Wait…does Superwoman fly?) And yes, I was truthful about what I mentioned before but…


I’m still trying to be Superwoman. I still try to do everything, meet every deadline, accomplish every goal. I didn’t recognize that this was the case because I’d learned to say “no” to people. I’d learned that I’m important, that I’m a priority.

What I didn’t see was that my businesses…that baby that I birthed four years ago and the one I was currently laboring to birth? Yes, them…Those two are super demanding and if I’m not careful, I will meet that super demand with a super effort. One that I don’t always have.

See, here’s the deal. We assume this role of “savior” because we either have trust (fear) issues or pride issues. In business, it’s that you don’t trust that someone else knows more than you or has a skill set that is better than yours OR, God forbid you just need help. I don’t know if I’m scared to delegate or if I just want to boast about the fact that I’m doing it alone but, either way, I’m taking this cape off. (Although this suit IS pretty sexy!)

Do you suffer from Superwoman or Superman complex? Do you find yourself trying to save everyone (or, in my case, everything?) Join me in making this a goal for this year: I will do what I can do and that will be enough.


Yes! Let’s get it!

365 Grateful: Day 69

I’m not sure what to photograph today because of the following:

1. I’m grateful that I pretty much stuck to my schedule but, I can’t screenshot it because it’s personal.

2. I’m grateful that I was able to be there for my friend today but, I did it over the phone so, no pic there.

3. I’m grateful that I got this AWESOME idea today but, it’s in my head. Yeah, hard to photograph that. Just imagine greatness. Yes, that’s it!

4. I’m grateful that I found this app that is essentially a digital project board. Let me know if you guys want more info on that.

5. I’m just grateful, man. Just grateful.

What are y’all grateful for today? Huh? Huh? Huh?

365 Grateful: Day 68

Whew! Today, I was determined to be grateful. I had a few bumps but, that is to be expected.

Today, I am grateful because:
1. This turtle allowed me to save it’s life (kinda). Well, I saved it’s life and it kinda let me.


2. I worked on some earrings for a show this weekend.


3. I saw a rainbow.


Yup…a three-fer. You’re welcome!