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365 Grateful: 78 & 79

So, for the past couple of days, I’ve continued to push myself outside of my comfort zone. They seem like baby steps but, for me, they are huge because there was a time when fear would have stopped me from moving forward.

Thursday, I posted a video with a makeup look that I never would have considered doing a year ago. This is what happens when you stop caring about failing.

Yesterday, I received a message that literally moved me to tears and this was on top of an already rough week. I pushed passed my feelings (something I’m learning to do) and went out with my friend, Natasha.


I stole this pic from her Facebook page.

Isn’t our makeup flawless? #shamelessplug


Frida Kahlo Inspired Makeup Look with Video Tutorial 

Hey there!

I am super excited to be able to finally share this with you. I got this crazy idea to create a Frida Kahlo inspired look AND take a video of it AND have a photo shoot with my good friend, Rey Granger (business info found below).  Needless to say, it was a lot of work but, I was almost brought to tears when I saw the finished product!

Frida is one of my heros. She lived such an innovative and inspirational life. If you would like to learn more about her, check out the link here.

This post has quite a bit of information so, make sure you check it all out. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or on the video. Enjoy!

Product List:

  • Wet & Wild Coverall Primer
  • Maybelline Fit Me! #310
  • Rimmel Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer #240 Light/Neutral
  • Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  • BH Studio Pro Tinted HD Powder in Golden
  • Mac Eyeshadow in Expresso
  • Mac Eyeshadow in Vanilla
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Blackout
  • BH Cosmetics Contour & Blush 2 Palette
  • Markwins Artisan Color Baked Blush in Raspberry
  • Beautique Intense Jumbo Lip Crayon in Blackberry
  • Loreal Voluminous Miss Manga Rock Mascara
  • Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in Rosetto #107

Rey’s info:

Website, Email

Photgrapher: Rey Granger, Jelani Photography
Photgrapher: Rey Granger, Jelani Photography
Photographer: Rey Granger, Jelani Photography
Photographer: Rey Granger, Jelani Photography
Photographer: Rey Granger, Jelani Photography
Photographer: Rey Granger, Jelani Photography
Photographer: Rey Granger, Jelani Photography

365 Grateful: Days 71-75?

So, how about I don’t know what day I’m on. This weekend has been hectic but, I’m grateful for the busyness.

Thursday, I had a photoshoot. I was inspired by roses (June’s flower) and Frida Kahlo. Hence, this awesomeness!



Photographer: Rey Granger,,

I almost cried when I saw the pictures. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to see my vision come to fruition. (P.S. Video tutorial coming Thursday!)

Friday, I worked to get ready for a show on Saturday. I was thankful for my creativity and work ethic.


Saturday was the show. I am thankful that I met some amazing people and it’s a natural high when people praise your work.



Yesterday, I looked in my closet and a part of me that I thought was gone, reared her head. Next thing you know, this outfit made itself known.


Then, I worked out with some buddies.


AND I enjoyed this on the way home:


Today, I’m back in the shop again. I have a headache now but, I’m grateful that I have work to be done. Thank God!

365 Grateful: Day 68

Whew! Today, I was determined to be grateful. I had a few bumps but, that is to be expected.

Today, I am grateful because:
1. This turtle allowed me to save it’s life (kinda). Well, I saved it’s life and it kinda let me.


2. I worked on some earrings for a show this weekend.


3. I saw a rainbow.


Yup…a three-fer. You’re welcome!

365 Grateful: Day 59 & 60

Yesterday, I danced for the first time in over a year. Going forth had become to painful to me but, I was intentional about dancing in spite of. I’m glad I did. I feel better because of it.


(I stole this pic from my friend Michael Green’s Facebook page. I’m on the left.)

Today, I again went outside my comfort zone and went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival here. Although we didn’t see or ride in the balloons as we’d hoped, we enjoyed festival food, spoke to some amazing local artists and enjoyed being hippies for the day. Meet my friend, Britney.


Things I makeup: Memorial Day Look

Happy Memorial Day and stuff!!! (Early)…Here’s the look that I came up with that was inspired by the colors and festivities of Memorial Day. Below you will find the supplies I used and the video. Have fun!!!


  • Wet & Wild Primer
  • Hard Candy Glamophage Concealer in Medium
  • BHCosmetics Foundation/Concealer Palette 2
  • BHCosmetics Blush/Contour Palette 2
  • Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  • Maybelline Fit Me! Liquid Foundation 310
  • Maybelline Fit Me! Pressed Powder Foundation 310
  • NYX Eyeshadow Base in White
  • BHCosmetics 1st Edition 120 Color Palette
  • Creme Face Paint in White
  • Clinique Eyebrow Kit in Soft Brown
  • Ardell Eyelashes
  • Lancome Doll Lashes Mascara in Black
  • BHCosmetics Lipstick in Dark Rose
  • Jordana Dark Brown Eyeliner

I really enjoyed creating this look. It was impromptu and on the fly but, I explain all of that in the video. Have fun guys!

Until next time…

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 12.17.51 PM

365 Grateful: Days 52 & 53

Today, I’m grateful that my house is now somewhat clean. No pictures needed for that. However, yesterday I started painting this:

I’ve never even attempted to paint from a picture before but, I was inspired by Frida Kahlo to do a self portrait. Still a work in progress but, aren’t we all?

365 Grateful: Days 44-51

Yup…it’s been rough out here in these streets BUT, I am still here. I gotta be honest, I haven’t been grateful most of these days. I am, however, grateful for the following:

My lillies. They are finally blooming.


My art…for giving me something else to focus on.


My son…because he reminds me of what I’ve done right.


My business…for giving me purpose.

 My art room…because I’ve finally cleaned it and it’s my escape.