365 Grateful: Day 57 (late)

Today (yesterday, again), I’m grateful that God has given me perspective. For so much of my life, I have felt tossed and driven by other people’s opinions, other people’s desires, and my innate desire for a happiness that I’ve never been able to obtain.

Today, I take my power back. That power that God gives you at birth to choose Him. That power that you have to stand square footed against the enemy and say, “If my God is for me, what is the world against me?”

I don’t have to figure anything out or feel guilty because I can’t do or be what others want me to do or be. I can even let go of the guilt that I’ve placed on myself to be perfect…a goal that I’m obviously falling very short of.


I can simply stay in this moment, take this breath, shed this tear, and live.

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