The Little Flower


 There once was a little flower, whose beauty shone brightly throughout a field. She was one of many wildflowers but, something about her was different, rare. Not only was she beautiful, she had the ability to bring healing to anyone who would look past her beauty and simply care for her in love.

Every morning, the little flower would raise her head and receive the first rays of the sun. Her petals glistened with dew and she was an amazing sight to see. Her stem stood boldly, enduring the weight of her beautiful head with ease. Her leaves lifted gracefully towards the heavens in worship. 

One day, a young man came along and while he was taking in the beauty of all the wildflowers, this little flower shone gloriously above the rest. He quickly and carefully uprooted her and took her home.

The young man planted the little flower in a pot that matched her beauty. It was meticulously created with the hand of some unknown artist. One could easily assume that this pot was created just for this little flower. She was home and excited to begin another leg of her amazing journey.

The young man took special care of the little flower. He watered her and loved talking to her. He would make sure the soil in which she was planted was moist enough and that she was placed so that she could catch the first rays of the sun in the morning and the colorful wash of light as the sun made its final desent. He would admire her beauty every time he laid eyes on her and her little head would lift as if to please him even more.

This went on for a period of time until the young man eventually tired of the maintenance for the little flower. He bored and became numb to her glorious beauty. He hadn’t taken the time to investigate the flower any further, for he would have known that she kept an amazing gift within. 

See, the young man suffered with the effect of a broken heart. In his effort to pull himself up by his bootstraps, he failed to allow himself to heal and where there was once joy and a zeal for life, bitterness and resentment had set up shop. His once amazing personality had become selfish and focused on only what would benefit him. What he was not able to see was the fact that this little flower could have facilitated his healing.

As time progressed, the little flower became neglected. Her brightly colored petals now drooped in dullness. Her stem, which once stood with the braveness of Ester, bowed over in shame. Her leaves, once reaching upwards in worship, now barely lifted in agony. Her soil, previously kept at a specific moistness, was now dry and pulling moisture from the little flower. She was no longer placed in the path of the sun but, was left in a corner so as to not attract the attention of the young man. 

The young man no longer admired the little flower. He barely noticed her. He seemed to do everything he could to not have to look at her because doing so pricked a place in his heart.

One day, in an effort to clean his house, he threw her and the beautifully crafted pot he so carefully planted her in, away. 

Moral: Sometimes, there’s more than meets the eye. Appreciate what you have, while you have it. You may be throwing away the very thing you need.


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