So, the other day I woke from a dream. I couldn’t remember any events that may have occurred. The only thing that was fresh on my mind was of me asking someone to define priority. 

At this point, it was about 4:30am and my only goal was to go back to sleep. I couldn’t, however, because all I continued to hear was, “Stacie, I have to be a priority, not an obligation.” 

Of course, I was at a loss as to what it all meant. To me, a priority and an obligation mean the same thing, pretty much. I prayed about the event and the impression, asked for clarity, and went on about my day.

Later on, while talking to my Mom, I told her about what happened. Her response brought everything into perspective. 

She said that the difference between a priority and an obligation is where your heart is. If something is a priority, your heart desires to do it. With an obligation, not so much.

Pretty simple, right? Eh…maybe. I leave you with this question: With what, or who, does your heart lie?

Until next time,



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