Getting My Life: Moving Towards All Natural Products

This post was originally posted a couple days ago but was supposed to post today. If you’ve already read it, sorry…If not, enjoy yourself!

So, most people will go all in when it comes to making life changes. There was a time when I did that too. Wisdom comes with age so, I  try not to do that any more. I like to use the “Replacement Rule”. It goes as follows: If I eliminate something from my life, I replace it with something else that does the same thing. For instance, I stopped using lotion a while ago. When I stopped, I started using a Shea butter whip and just recently I’ve gone to plain coconut oil. (When I make more whip, I’ll go back to that. Maybe I’ll blog the recipe with a YouTube vid [if you want this, just comment below]).

Now, be careful with this rule. I used it in my younger days with men…not a good look. O____o

Back to the blog…Ladies (and gents) we need to be more educated on the things that the beauty industry is putting into our products. Things like crude oil by-products and synthetic estrogen have common place in our hair, facial, and skin products and most of us wouldn’t know the difference because they wouldn’t do anything to hurt us, right? Hmph…What drives the industry? Money or safety? I’m not here to accuse anyone. I’m just saying to look out for your own best interests.

A couple months ago, I had a breast cancer scare. It was then that I went to see my chiropractor. I know you are probably wondering why I went to a chiropractor and not an oncologist. Well, if you haven’t already noticed, I’m not a huge fan of traditional medicine. No offense to the doctors out there but, I believe the medical industry, like all industries, is more money driven than anything else. I go to regular doctors for their diagnosis and then I treat it in the most natural way possible.

Is this always the best way to approach sicknesses or diseases? Who knows? Scientists flip flop on issues all the time and the jury will always be out. I’m going to always err on the side of caution and make the best decision that I can for myself and my family. I do my best and pray about the rest of it.

In the period of time that I thought I could have cancer, I performed extensive research on treatments in the event that I would have to make a decision. Yeah…that in and of itself was mind blowing. That’s another blog for another day…

Over the next couple days, I’m going to blog on some of the ingredients that I’ve discovered can be toxic or even cancer causing. I will not be naming any companies or specific products (law suits are not my forte). I will just speak of the ingredient, the types of products where it may be found, it’s common name, and provide you resources where you can find additional information.

Stay tuned!

What are some ingredients that you have discovered are toxic?

Until next time…



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