Getting My Life: Detox Tea

So, a couple days ago, I wrote a blog about some things that I’ve started doing to be more healthy. Here’s another blog with another tip!

I cut meat out of my diet just recently. I still eat dairy products but, I am staying away from anything considered “meat” including fish. I need a moment of silence for my loss…

Anywho, another thing I’ve started doing recently to help my body rid toxins is drinking a ginger-apple cider vinegar-lemon-honey tea. If there was already a recipe for this, I’m really not trying to step on anyone’s toes. I’ve never seen it. Moving on…

Ok, so I had already done some research on certain foods that are detoxifying. The above ingredients were always listed. Here are a few benefits of each:


1. Considered one of the world’s healthiest foods

2. Helps body absorb and assimilate nutrients

3. Clears sinuses (good for weather like we’re having)

4. Nausea (This is my go-to for belly aches in my house.)

5. It relieves gas…hmmmmm…You’re welcome!


1. Balances pH. I read this a while ago. It actually makes water alkaline which blew my scientific mind…

2. Aids in the elimination of waste

3. Has anti-cancer properties (I’m not saying it cures cancer. Don’t put that on me!)

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

1. Prevents indigestion

2. Aids in detoxing

3. Balances the body’s inner systems

4. Helps rid candida (Again…You’re welcome!)

5. Some side benefits: It helps with stuffy noses, sore throats, and whitens teeth.

Local honey

1. Honey has a multitude of benefits but, my main use for using honey was for a sweetener and local honey helps prevent allergies. Good deal!

Before I get into this, the closest I am to a doctor is a Biology/Chemistry degree. I do not practice medicine and am just relaying results of research that I have done and effects that I have undergone or observed on myself. If you try this and it doesn’t work, meet your expectations, or whatever…it’s not my fault. Just saying’…


1/4 of a lemon

Quarter sized slice of ginger

1-2 Tbs of ACV

Honey to taste

1. I seeped the ginger in hot water. How you heat your water is up to you. Some people have a problem using the microwave if they are detoxing.

2. After about 3-4 minutes you can start adding the other ingredients. The taste of the ACV will be pretty strong. I’ve found that adding more honey makes it more palatable.


See? Easy!

What teas do you drink to help you stay healthy or detox?

Until next time…



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