Homeschool Chronicles: The Bartering System

So, it’s really easy to become overwhelmed when you have your child’s education in your hands. Should I let someone else teach him? Should I teach her? Which curriculum should I use? What kinds of activities should I introduce?

It becomes even more overwhelming when you are having to teach a subject that you just do not like. In comes the bartering system.

Last evening, I was talking to another homeschool mother and she was telling me how much she does not like teaching Science. Well, I’m not the biggest fan of P.E. type activities. I am a Science teacher and she loves P.E. Aha! Easy fix, right?!?!

This will give our children an opportunity to get out of our homes and also to be with another person. Giving them a break from us and us a break from them. Hey…we love them but come on!

What kinds of things do you do as a homeschool parent to barter?

Until next time…


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