So, this morning I decided to go for a walk. I started off on the treadmill but, there’s something about doing a lot of work and going no where that really irritates me. I jumped off of the treadmill and took a walk around my neighborhood.

It could be the fact that I’m really observant or the fact that I’m a Science teacher that made me pay attention to the beauty of nature around me. It could also have been God trying to remind me that everything desires to regenerate, recreate itself.

You could tell what areas of the neighborhood are newer because instead of the tall, mature trees that you see in other areas, you see smaller saplings that are barely coming out of the ground. Bravely stretching their arms toward their only source of energy, these baby trees are boldly facing whatever life brings them. Storms come. Storms go. Those babies are still there, toughing it out.images-1

It’s the goal of everything that has life to recreate, regenerate itself. That’s the goal. From beetles to humans, from marigolds to those same baby trees, the goal is to continue this cycle of life.

I was inspired on my little walk this morning. Inspired to recreate myself, to regenerate the parts of me that have died. I thank the Lord for a different perspective this morning.

What has inspired you today?

Until next time…


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