Heavenly Hump Day: What is the Small Stuff?

Source: http://www.debtproofliving.com/Blog/tabid/437/EntryId/516/4-Steps-to-Stop-Worrying.aspx
Source: http://www.debtproofliving.com/Blog/tabid/437/EntryId/516/4-Steps-to-Stop-Worrying.aspx

So, one thing about having a cancer scare, or any type of scare that may threaten your life, is you really learn how to take life into its true perspective. Things that I would have waited to do before, I’m not waiting to do now. Things that I’ve considered doing will certainly be put on the “To Do” list. And one thing I want to learn how to do is to not sweat the small stuff. That seems easy enough, right?

All I have to do is not let the “small issues” in life get to me. I can rise above them. I can divert my attention to bigger, more important things. But wait…what is the “small” stuff? And furthermore, how much of it can I go without sweating before the “small stuff” adds up to “big stuff”?

I can certainly put a system in place so that I can filter out what would be small stuff to me. Will it affect the harmony in my home? Will it affect my health? Does it affect my family? Is it about my money? My marriage? My motherhood? AHHHHH…there it is…sweat.

In all of this, I have to constantly remind myself of one thing: Small or big, it’s all just stuff and God wants to handle it. That’s right! God wants to handle it for you…for me! So, why am I worried about it when the most competent one is handling it? Why? Because I’m a worry wort.

I admit it. I worry, ahem…concern myself with things that I can’t do anything about. Well, that’s the only thing that I “concern” myself with because if I can do something about it, I do. Heck, I do something when there’s nothing I can do.

Bottom line is this: LET IT GO! Whatever it is…small, big, in-between…let it go. Your past, your present, your future…let it go. My husband had to remind me tonight that life can’t be about what we aren’t happy with. We have to focus on what makes us and the people we love, happy.

Focus on it. What you focus on will expand.

Until next time…


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