Heavenly Hump Day: I had a lump in my breast!

So, last Monday (which was my birthday), I went on a routine annual appointment. I make these appointments on my birthday every year because frankly, I will forget. Sidenote: Ladies and gentlemen, it is important to get your yearly checks. Missing one year can make a difference.

I get to the doctor’s office slightly late. I sign in and have a seat. Close to a hour and a half later, they call me back. I was VERY close to walking out. Had they not called me when they did, I would have.

After getting my blood pressure checked, weighing in and changing into one of those dapper gowns, I was ready for my appointment.

Everything went pretty standard. Ask a whole bunch of questions? Check. Listen to my lungs? Check. Listen to my heart? Check. Make small talk? Check. Check my breasts? What? What do you mean there is a small, pea sized lump in my breast?

Let me back track a bit. First of all, I just turned 36 years old. There is no history of breast cancer in my family although there have been other types of cancers. I am not the most unhealthy person. I am also not the most healthy. For the past 6 months or so, I have been convicted about my eating habits, my lack of an exercise routine and my caffeine intake. I kept thinking, “Eh, I’ll start once the summer hits and I have time.” I digress…

So, after all the poking and prodding, I was scheduled for an mammogram on Wednesday, two days later. You could probably imagine where my mindset was at this point. I was irritated, scared, and nervous. And to have to wait two days for a confirmation on what was going on was treacherous.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Where is your faith?” Looking back, I don’t think that my faith resided in the fact that nothing was wrong. I guess that’s because I had heard of and seen so many situations where the person believed they were healed and then died anyway. I believe that whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Now, don’t get me wrong, God can pull up many a weed. But, think about it…if we don’t take care of ourselves, then pray for healing, and are miraculously healed…have we learned our lesson? Maybe…but, usually we don’t.

Do I believe that God is a healer? Absolutely! I also believe God is a father. He is the ultimate Father and don’t fathers teach their children to not repeat their mistakes?

So, I’ll repeat the question: Where did my faith lie? My faith resided in the fact that NO MATTER WHAT, God would see me through. Did that make it easier to deal with? For me, no. Did that change how I felt? No. Did that make me less frustrated with this so called medical system? No. What it did do was make me want the results so that I could deal with it from there.

When I got in my car to leave the doctor on that Monday afternoon, tears welled up in my eyes and I prayed to God: Lord, I don’t know what this is but you do. I pray that your will be done and that you get the glory out of this. And….that was it. I didn’t pray about it by myself again.

Wednesday, I left the Breast Center after having gotten a mammogram and an ultrasound. I also left with no additional information. I kinda snapped on that woman for telling me that they would contact my doctor and send me something in the mail. Really? How could you be so insensitive? Ok…I snapped on her…but, not too much.

I went from the Breast Center to my chiropractor (He’s awesome BTW!) where I had an adjustment and a conversation with him. This is where I first learned about synthetic estrogen and it being in perfumes, lotions, and makeups that we wear. Who knew that all along, I could’ve been doing this to myself unknowingly. He also suggested that I try to be as organic as possible. I signed a medical release for my chiropractor to get my results and he called me later on Wednesday evening. Had he not called, I would still…to this day, be waiting on my original doctor to follow up with me…I wish you could see my face.

From what I understand, I either don’t have a mass at all or the mass that I have is benign (non-cancerous). That’s great news! So, what has this changed in my life?

  • I will never miss another yearly checkup! (I missed last year!)
  • I will try to do self breast examinations as often as I possibly can.
  • I have gone raw vegan…just for now. More about this tomorrow!
  • I will be educated and make a point to educate others on daily products.

Let me know if you’ve gone through a similar situation.

Until next time…


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