Tutorial Tuesday: My lipsticks have lead in them?!?

Source: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/02/15/146917390/consumer-groups-want-lead-out-of-lipstick
Source: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/02/15/146917390/consumer-groups-want-lead-out-of-lipstick

So, as I mentioned yesterday (and will explain completely tomorrow), I had a health scare last week. It really got me back into doing research. One of the things that I found, which disgusted me, was that over 400 lipsticks that are currently sold in stores worldwide, have traces of lead in them. (Read whole article here!)

This whole idea of putting things into beauty products without regard to the women (or men) that wears them, disgusts me. Inside of this disgust, I started searching for alternatives. That’s me…Miss Fix-it. So, guess what I found…a tutorial that shows how to make lipsticks from crayons. Yup…you read that right…crayons! The channel is lilikoilooks and the actual video is found here!

Now, before you watch the video, it is important to know why lead is not so good…especially in makeup products. Lead poisoning, which may also be referred to as “heavy metal poisoning”, can lead to issues in most of your vital organs and also your nervous system. Some of the symptoms that have been discovered are: confusion, abdominal pain, seizures, headaches, irritability, coma, and even death.

Source: http://academic.emporia.edu/abersusa/go336/morris/
Source: http://academic.emporia.edu/abersusa/go336/morris/

Treatments for lead poisoning can be pretty extreme including surgical removal making this situation no bueno.

Below are some resources that you can check out to get more information on lead poisoning:

Be in the know!

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