Hairy Monday: What is eczema?

Unknown-5So, I have eczema in the back of my head. I wasn’t born with it and I don’t know when I got it. I just remember my scalp really itching one day and no matter how much I washed it, it continued to do so. I do have a theory though. When I big chopped in 2004, I dyed my hair blond every other week. I think that I reacted to the chemicals and just never recovered.

I got prescriptions for pills, creams, foams, and poos only to have dry, brittle hair. I decided to cut the prescriptions and find some more natural alternatives.

Now, before I go into what I do, let me make a disclaimer. I am not a doctor (although I wanted to be when I graduated from college and actually earned a pre-medical degree). I am not giving you a solution to your scalp issues and am only giving advice. Please listen to your doctor and do your own research.

So, if you’ve been following me for a while, you already know that I’m not a regimented person. I do, however, loosely follow an idea of a regiment…. O_o

Unknown-4I do not use sulfate shampoos because not only do they dry out my hair, they are extremely drying to my scalp. I only shampoo once a month and even then I use a shampoo bar…no particular type. I just make sure that it is moisture rich.

For my conditioner, I use UR Curly’s Quinoa Conditioner. It leaves a nice tingle on my scalp. Conditioners that have tea tree or peppermint oil…even menthol feel really good to a dry itchy scalp. Because I don’t shampoo my hair a lot, I co-wash about twice a week with either the Quinoa Conditioner or As I Am’s Coconut Co-Wash.

Twice a week, I massage Eden Bodyworks Peppermint and Tea Tree OilUnknown-3 (I add a few extra drops of tea tree oil.) I also focus some extra oil onto my trouble areas.

I have found, believe it or not, that henna treatments help with my eczema. I add a couple tablespoons of ACV to the mix and the acidity of the vinegar helps as well.

Eczema can, at times, be irritating, embarrassing, and just all around annoying. It itches and leaves flakes in my hair. I have found my current (somewhat) routine to help curb the symptoms.

Most of my eczema symptoms are exacerbated by stress or certain foods. If you suffer from eczema, make sure you find out if you have any allergies. Your entire issue can be corrected just by cutting something out of your diet.

If you have any questions about eczema, just comment below. Also, join us in the protective style challenge! Email me at


4 thoughts on “Hairy Monday: What is eczema?

    1. It is all natural and I rub it in my hands the way I would regular soap and then, rub my hands down the length of my hair, making sure to not tangle my hair. I then take the pads of my fingers and scrub my scalp, still making sure to not tangle my hair. Then, just rinse clean! It actually is easier than it sounds.

      1. I suffer from eczema too. It seem like my scalp is thirsty and it only feels better when water hits it. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try that!

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