Hairy Monday: Protective Style Challenger #2: Tasha

washandgoHey guys!!! We’re back again with another amazing naturalista who has committed to this challenge. I’m excited to present Tasha to you. Enjoy getting to know her better!

StayWoo: What is your name? (real, online, or otherwise)


StayWoo: Describe yourself in three words.

Silly, Creative and Inspiring

StayWoo: What are your favorite products?

I started off using Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Totally Twisted shampoo and conditioner. I still use these products, however, with this challenge I have decided to try out some organic products. I will be using Terressentials Organic Hair Wash, Organic Mud Wash along with homemade gels, hot oil treatments and conditioners.

StayWoo: What made you decide to go natural?

I was inspired by 3 of my friends who are natural (Candi, Crystal and Chantae….funny allSnapshot_20130122_15 start with a “C”). I received some news healthwise and decided this was my chance to cut it off and go natural.

StayWoo: What is your current regiment?

I try to keep it simple. I co wash my hair once a week and wash it once a month. When I wash my hair, I use a homemade conditioner. (Naptural85 Homemade Hair Deep Conditioner) I wear my hair in mini twist more often now to protect my hair. I have the I need to touch my hair a lot syndrome. So, wearing my hair in protective styles are beneficial for my hair growth and to prevent damage.me6

StayWoo: What are your goals with this protective style challenge? (length, healthier hair, etc)

My goal with doing this challenge is to allow my hair to grow longer and to protect my ends better. I tend to do my hair with a different style every other day and I need to just allow my hair time to rest from me touching it so often. I want it to be healthy and without the damaged or spilt ends. I want to really be a natural when it comes to my hair so, I am aiming for more natural product usage. My daughter, mother and I are all naturals and we made a vow to take better care of our health and hair this year so, this challenge will be great for all of us.

StayWoo: Do you have any favorite or go to protective styles?

At the moment, my favorite style is minitwists. I have fallen in love with this style. I can do an updo, wear it down or in a ponytail. I can still wash my hair with this style so it last for about a month. I will retwist the front and sides if needed.

StayWoo: Who are your favorite YouTube vloggers for protective style inspirations?

I have been following Nikkimae2003 since she started. I had the opportunity to meet her in December of last year. I love how she promotes healthy hair. I also follow Naptural85. She has helped me learn more about making my homemade products. We have the same texture of hair and I have wear a lot of hairstyles.

Snapshot_20130118_8StayWoo: Do you have a YouTube page, website, or blog?

No, I do not have a youtube page. I want to create one in the future.

StayWoo: Is there anything else you would like them to know?

I am excited about this challenge. I hope that it will inspire others to protect their hair more and promote healthy hair along with ways you can style your hair.Snapshot_20130122_3

Great goals, Tasha! If you have any ideas or questions OR if you want to join the “Protective Style Challenge”, email me at I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

6 thoughts on “Hairy Monday: Protective Style Challenger #2: Tasha

  1. I love it! My mom was so excited when I showed her the article. This is a great challenge. I am going to share your blog with my friends and family members. Have a wonderful day!

  2. This is wonderful. Congrats to you Tasha! I’m so glad you stuck with it. Many friends I’ve tried to encourage to go natural have tried it but they always go back to relaxers. It’s a challenge in the beginning but if you stick to it you will appreciate it and love it so much more!!!!!!!!! Love you chic!

  3. I love this Tasha. And i didn’t know your mom and dodaughter was also natural. good job girl. mini twist for me it from now on.

  4. Well Tasha you are here and the pictures are beautiful, I think you did a great job and I am loving it, Happy for you, this is only the beginning, you are going to go far.

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