Fan Friday: Exclusive Interview: Gentry Simmons

fridayYes, Yes, Yes…You already know! It’s FRRIIIIIDDAAAY! And, I am too excited to present one of my best friends for today’s “Fan Friday”!

Before I present her to you, I have to tell you how much this chick means to me. We have truly been through the ringer together and I stand by her 100%. She is the CEO and founder of Life Golden Coaching which gears towards encouraging individuals to tap into their hidden potential and live life with every fiber of their being. Without further ado, Gentry Simmons…

StayWoo: What is your name? (Real, online, or otherwise)

Gentry Simmons, Entrepreneur of Life Golden Coaching
StayWoo: Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate, down-to-earth, fabulous
StayWoo: What is it that you love to do?

I love to help people-help people…I love to partner with others to see20121201_184043
them use their passion and purpose to help others. I also love to travel
and meet new people.
StayWoo: What is your favorite quote and why?

“Value your life enough to LIVE!” It is the tag line for Life Golden Coaching.
It is what I hope to encourage others to do. Life is so precious that we
must value it by living life to the fullest.
StayWoo: What is your favorite book, movie, song?

My favorite book is “God Never Blinks” by Regina Brett. Also, I’m a huge fan of the Curtis Black series by Kimberla Lawson Roby. Favorite movie is Coming to America. Favorite
song …??? Too many to name, I’m a lover of great music.

StayWoo: What do you spend most of your internet time doing?

My time on the internet is balanced between personal research because I’m a lifelong learner, Facebook, where I answer relationship questions and provide relevant
information, discussions and coaching tips, School research for myself
(pursuing another master’s) and my students (teach college freshmen).

StayWoo: Do you have a blog, website, YouTube channel?

I have a blog and a YouTube channel!

StayWoo: 8. If you are a natural hair fan: Do you have a hair crush? Who are they and why?

I am most definitely a natural hair fan! My natural hair crush is Jill Scott. I love
her versatility.

If you are a DIY lover: Do you have a favorite blogger/vlogger? Why?

I honestly love watching DIY vids, but I don’t like to follow through by doing it myself, I
guess that makes me a WIY “watch it yourself” type of girl.

StayWoo: If you could describe your goal for this year in one word, what word would it be?

StayWoo: Elaborate please…

I am not going to let anything, nothing, get in my way…in the way of me living the life that I deserve to live. When I say I will stop at nothing to see my dreams come true, no setbacks nothing is off limits. I feel unstoppable. I will do whatever it takes to live the life I deserve to live. I believe that for anyone, if you believe that you are unstoppable, then you are.

StayWoo: Any final thoughts that you’d like to leave with our bloggers?

I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to share with your bloggers. I’d like to encourage all of the bloggers to live fabulously! I believe this is your year to do what you’ve never been able to do. I believe that I am unstoppable and so are you! Log on to our discussion on Facebook at Life Golden Coaching. Follow us on Twitter @lifegoldencoach, Instagram @Fabulous Living. Our blog: Live Fabulous is released every Monday morning. For Questions/Booking/Events email us at


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