Hairy Monday: Protective Style Challenger #1: Gloria

0-3As I promised, I am featuring some amazing women this year on my blog. As naturalists, we often have common goals. Gloria has a goal to protect her hair this year as well. Let’s read all about it!

StayWoo: What is your name? (real, online, or otherwise)

StayWoo: Describe yourself in three words.

     Creative, eclectic, weird 
StayWoo: What are your favorite products?

As I Am Co-wash, Shea Moisture Purification Masque, Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Condish and Poo and Kinky Curly Curling Custard.
StayWoo: What made you decide to go natural?

     I was getting my hair professionally pressed on a weekly basis for about three years. My hair never grew past my shoulders, but it would always look nice, shiny and bouncy. My beautician was moving to Miami but planned on coming back to Atlanta every other month or so. I wasn’t going to be able to maintain my own press so we decided to do a wave nouveau to make my hair last until she came back to Atlanta. Well, a week after 0-4she put the wave nouveau in, I washed my hair for the first time, my hair started coming out in clumps. At first, I just thought it was natural shedding, but when a lady at work, that I shared a desk with, told me that my hair was all over the desk I knew something was wrong. I got corn row extensions, tree braid and a curly sew-in for the next seven months. My husband encouraged me to just cut off the damaged hair, so one day in the bathroom  he cut all my hair down to about three inches. Not knowing anything about the natural hair movement, just wanting to know how to define my curls, I went on YouTube, the internet and found a plethora of information. Two and a half years later, here I am.

StayWoo: What is your current regiment?

     Once a week I section my hair in four, spray with a mixture of vegetable glycerin, aloe juice and water (all thirds) on a section, coat with coconut oil and finger detangle. I let that sit on my head under a grocery bag for about twenty minutes while I do the same to my two little girls. Then, I cleanse my hair (mostly using a product formulated as a co-wash, and once a month I clarify with a sulfate free shampoo), deep condition with 0-2my hair therapy wrap anywhere from 20 minutes to overnight. I rise out the deep conditioner then, apply my leave-in , seal with coconut oil, and  braid my hair in sixteen sections. I let my hair dry overnight. The next day, I split each braid into two twists making thirty-two two strand twists. At this point, I either leave in the twists and do a roll tuck and pin or a twist out. 
StayWoo: What are your goals with this protective style challenge? (length, healthier hair, etc)

My goal is LENGTH! I hope to retain four to five inches by the end of the year or be bsl. My crown area is about 12 inches long, the sides are 9 inches (apl) and the back is about 10 inches (sbl).
StayWoo: Do you have any favorite or go to protective styles?

The roll tuck and pin with two strand twists.

StayWoo: Who are your favorite YouTube vloggers for protective style inspirations?

Fusions of Cultures, Chary J, Black is Beautiful
StayWoo: Do you have a YouTube page, website, or blog?

Not yet, but I plan on doing a book club with my channel in a few months.
StayWoo: Is there anything else you would like us to know?

I think that’s it 🙂 0

Isn’t that an amazing braided updo? Let’s encourage each other in this challenge! What’s your story? Email me at

2 thoughts on “Hairy Monday: Protective Style Challenger #1: Gloria

    1. I was just about to send you a link. Thank you for allowing me to feature you. I will send you an email in a couple months to check up on you and see if you have an update. Until then…

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