Heavenly Hump Day: The Eye of the Storm

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So, I’m not a fan of people saying, “If you’re not in a storm, you’re coming out of one and if you’re not coming out of one, you’re heading into one.” Ummmm…yes, it could be true but, are you supposed to be encouraging me? O_o

Anywho, I was listening to someone the other day speak about the eye of a storm. Most people think of the eye as a place of peace before the disaster strikes. If we were to change our perception, our paradigm, could the eye be perceived as something else? Could it be that the eye of the storm is just an indicator that we are halfway through? Could it be a water break in this marathon we call life?

I’ve always been a person who can handle a situation as long as I know there’s an end in sight. But, what if you don’t see the end? What if all you see is the eye of this storm? Well, if that’s the case, determine to be at peace anyhow!

I’m challenging you today to look for the silver linings in your situations. There is a painting that is always referenced when speaking about peace. It’s a painting of a bird sitting on a branch in the middle of a thunderstorm. You can see lightening all around the little bird and the clouds are dark and ominous. You can practically hear the thunder roll and feel the wind whip around. Yet, the little bird just sits there on his little branch like all is well. That is the true definition of peace. It doesn’t matter that there’s a storm. What matters is how you behave in it.

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