Face It!

Lil' LadySo, at this point we already know that one of my goals this year was to face my fears head on. One fear, in particular, has to do with my business. I am an earring designer which means, I personally create earrings and sell them. I design and/or paint each and every earring and then send them out to wherever.

I have been contemplating becoming a vendor at a local natural hair event and up until this point, it has been convenient to come up with excuses as to why I couldn’t go. It will take up the whole weekend. How many earrings should I bring? What if no one likes any of them? What if I sell out? What if…what if…what if…

Today, I received an email announcing a natural hair event that will be local and it will only be for one day. The coordinators are estimating approximately 5000 in attendance. Did I already tell you that I handmake EACH EARRING? You know what? I’m going! I’m going to do it.

Fear is a really big something from far away. As long as you don’t confront it, it’s this ominous thing that lurks around every corner, daring you to move it’s way. It’s only when you confront your fear that you realize just how small it really is. Have you ever looked back on something you did and thought, “Awww, that wasn’t too bad.” Exactly.

What the worse that can happen? I sell out of all my product before the end of the day. And really, how bad can that be? That means two things: 1) People actually like it enough to buy it and 2) I made some money. Which is the whole point right? Well, I’m an artist so just creating would be enough for me…kinda.

It’s obvious that I have a little planning to do. And this event is in two months. Wish me luck and start looking for your opportunity to face your fears. You can do it. Just face it!


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