Courage: Doing It Afraid


When I think of the word “courage”, I think of a firefighter saving an older woman from a burning home or a soldier heading into war. The image of a hero always comes to mind. I never think of myself or everyday decisions that I have to make. I never think of my life and all of my missed opportunities.

Courage. Is it the absence of fear or is it facing fear? Are firefighters afraid before they go into a burning building? Are soldiers afraid before heading to the front line? Does Superman ever think that this might be his last bout?

One of my biggest fears in life was the fear of failure. So, I wouldn’t even try to tackle a task if I felt I couldn’t complete it perfectly. Can you imagine how many things I’ve missed out on in life because of my fears? Where would I be? Who would I be?

New Year’s resolutions are about recommitments and refocusing. They are about new beginnings and today being the first day of the rest of your life. So, with that in mind, I commit to do it afraid. If I fail, so be it. I won’t, however, look back on my life and see a sea of missed opportunities. I want to approach the end of my life with nothing left. I want to give until I can’t give anymore, reach until I can’t reach anymore, and run until I can’t run anymore.

What if I can’t do it? Hey…what if I can?!?


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