Be popular or grow?

A couple of days ago, while in one of my art classes, the professor posed a question that made me really think: Should an artist continue to do the same types of things because they are popular or should they grow, and as they grow, begin to create new and different things?

This question can really become a paradox. On one hand, most artists define success by the sale ability of their pieces. I mean, if your pieces don’t sell, who is your art really touching? On the other hand, I have never met an artist that wasn’t true to who they were. So, therein lies the contradiction: Should I stifle my creativity and growth for this ‘success” or should I embrace who and what I am.

To me, this question is a bit of deja vu. Quite honestly, I’ve answered this question before. I know everyone may not be familiar with what most curly-haired women would call a “natural hair journey”. Let me, for the sake of this post, give you the abbreviated version. Basically, you daily, weekly, monthly, answer the question: Should I straighten my hair because it would be easier and I would be more widely accepted or should I allow it to be free because that’s essentially who I am?

Just in case you haven’t noticed, my decision was, and still is, to be free. And that brings me back to my original question: Be successful or be true? What do I say? Well, I think we should change the definition of success.

Success SHOULD be when someone fulfills their purpose. Did you see that? The period at the end of that sentence? That means there’s nothing else to add. Waking each morning to do what you were created to do…tell me… what can be more successful than that?

Until next time…


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